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Transport covers protect Massey Ferguson combines

Massey Ferguson is the first and only manufacturer in the industry to protect its new combines with an exclusive weatherproof cover during winter shipment.

All European combine harvesters delivered during the winter season are exposed to road salt spray. But, to protect its Breganze-built combines, Massey Ferguson is now using a tailor-made protective sleeve to prevent the high risk of weathering, rust, corrosion and subsequent damage from road salt.

The protective sheets enclose the entire body of the combine, completely shielding the machine from potential harm. This ensures customers and dealers receive machines in exactly the same high quality condition as when they leave the factory. Also, importantly, the combines do not have to undergo an extensive cleaning and ‘dewaxing’ process before they are delivered to customers.

AGCO is the first farm machinery manufacturer to employ this technology in its advanced European Harvesting Operations facility in Breganze, Italy. It’s the same protection process that is more commonly used during delivery of luxury cars.

“We have sought out, developed and implemented the highest standards of product protection that the market can offer,” says Francesco Quaranta, Vice President and General Manager Harvesting. “We looked at other winter protection methods, but only full machine coverage provides the complete protection that our customers expect. Each one of our combine harvesters needs to reach its customer with the same high quality, regardless of the weather and road conditions during delivery.”

This, once again, shows AGCO’s commitment to customers by investing in the highest quality throughout the entire manufacturing process – beginning with carefully choosing suppliers right through to this unique protection during delivery.

From this winter, the covers are being fitted to all combine harvesters shipped from Breganze and destined for markets where there is a risk of encountering road salt. The covers will be used for as long as winter road conditions persist in those regions, even if they are not apparent at the time of machine loading. AGCO will work together with freight companies to assess the road conditions throughout the spring to ensure that covers are fitted until conditions improve.

“Each cover is tailor made to fit individual combine models,” says Axel Schoefer, Forecasting and Planning Manager, who has also managed the implementation of the combine covers project. “The two-part cover on each machine is applied carefully during the machine loading process, with special tie-down openings, which seal around the chains and straps used to secure the combine on the truck during transport. The top cover may be used after shipment, to further protect the machine from dirt and weather until final delivery to the customer – but it’s not a substitute for appropriate machinery winter storage.”

“We have sought out, developed and implemented the highest standards of product protection that the market can offer”