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Little Grey Fergie cultivates European audience

The hugely popular Little Grey Fergie Norwegian TV show is set to expand across Europe with filming starting in England this summer.

With the full support of Massey Ferguson, the producers are currently looking closely at farm locations in the Cotswolds, one of the country’s most picturesque regions.

“Many farmers will remember a ‘Fergie’ with fond affection,” says Campbell Scott, Brand Development Manager. “The Little Grey Fergie is one of the most important foundations on which Massey Ferguson has built its current success and it’s a great privilege to be involved in such a charming and fun television programme.

“They are great stories. Fergie’s always getting into scrapes and adventures with ‘Gramps’ as well as having to avoid the clutches of the ‘evil’ scrap men - Hubert and Hieronemus – who want to steal him. Like all good childrens’ stories there’s moral to the tales and good, in the form of Fergie who is the star, always wins. Although aimed at 4-6 year olds, the programmes are likely to also appeal to even the grown up children!”

Originally created from story books by Morten Myklebust, Little Grey Fergie is one of the most popular TV franchises in Norway. Along with two hit TV series and two full length feature films, the stage show has played to nearly half million people at theatres and farms across the country. There are also plans to even develop a Little Grey Fergie theme park.

The star of the show, Little Grey Fergie, is an actual Ferguson T20 - one of more than half a million of the tractors produced between 1946 and 1956 at Banner Lane, Coventry in the UK as well as in Detroit in the USA.

The T20 was the tractor that delivered affordable and reliable mechanisation to the world, introducing ‘power farming’ to a new generation of farmers. It was also the first large volume tractor to be equipped with the ground-breaking three-point linkage and ‘Ferguson System’ hydraulics.

Little Grey Fergie is not alone, but one of many thousands still in regular use on farms and smallholdings across the globe. Indeed, the ultra reliable and rugged T20 continues to play a key role in introducing ‘power farming’ to a new generation of emerging and subsistence farmers in developing countries.

“Many farmers will remember a ‘Fergie’ with fond affection”