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Beauvais Manufacturing Facility Nominated by AGCO to Produce New Cab Tractor from Massey Ferguson Global Series

Massey Ferguson has announced that the Beauvais Manufacturing Facility in France has been nominated by AGCO to produce a new range of tractors from the end of 2015.

The plant will manufacture the cab version of the MF 4700 tractor for the European market. These models are part of the new Massey Ferguson Global Series range announced earlier this year.

Production of the MF 4700 gives the Beauvais plant an annual potential of 2500 additional tractors. The site already produces the MF 5600, MF 6600, MF 7600 and MF 8700 tractors from 80-400hp. Complementing these existing ranges, manufacture of this new model confirms and consolidates the future of the French plant, boosting synergies and helping to secure greater volumes.

Commenting, Richard Markwell, Massey Ferguson Vice President and Managing Director Europe/Africa/Middle East said: “With the global market for agricultural machinery currently undergoing a cyclical downturn and with strong competition throughout the industry, the nomination of Beauvais for the production of the MF 4700 cab tractor from the Global Series Range is recognition of the work carried out at the site since 2010. It also demonstrates that the 15.5 million euros investment in our new Beauvais 2 cab production facility is paying dividends.”

“As a result of a major transformation over the past five years and a total investment of 300 million euros since 2010, the reorganised Beauvais manufacturing complex is achieving high levels of quality, productivity and competitiveness which enable us to deliver a full range of tractors - from advanced high horsepower models to machines with more basic specifications – all at acceptable cost,” he adds.

The transformation has been made possible at the plant by the progressive implementation of Lean Manufacturing and a focus on continuous improvement. This approach has made Beauvais one of the most effective plants for AGCO worldwide in terms of assembly, flexibility and the ability to manage the complexities imposed by the build of such a wide range on the same production line.

Design of the 60-130hp Global Series tractor range is spearheaded by the Massey Ferguson Engineering team based in Beauvais. The range is based on a manufacturing concept unique in the agricultural industry. The strategy is to create a network of flexible factories where major sub-assemblies and complete tractors can be produced and assembled at multiple sites around the world, close to the customers who require the machines. Models in the Global Series will be produced in India, China, Brazil, Turkey and France.

“With a progressive introduction through until 2016, the Global Series models launched to date have been very well received,” comments Thierry Lhotte, Massey Ferguson Vice President Marketing Europe/Africa/Middle East.
“This range reconnects with the legacy of the Massey Ferguson brand which made such a success of the MF 300 and MF 4300 Series previously produced at Coventry in England.”

“The first models unveiled in the MF Global Series have been platform versions, and the cab model is eagerly-awaited by our European distribution network,” Thierry continues. “We have had many requests for information from customers. This gives us full confidence that we can achieve the annual target of 2500 additional tractors for the Beauvais plant. This new product satisfies a segment of the market not covered and should contribute to a net market share gain for the brand.”